What does Profibus Cable Pinout entail?

The term Profibus cable pinout basically involves the assembly of Profibus cables. This particular facet of the industrial field encompasses a variety of different technologies and applications. Profibus cable pinout is a complicated connection or collection of wires. Profibus cable pinout are actually banded wires forming a single unit with connectors found either on both ends or in some cases only at one end of the product. Thus, Profibus cable pinout involves a series of technologies and applications.
If you were to cut a Profibus cable pinout in half, you will find eight individual wires that are each colour coded. As mentioned above, at each end of the Profibus cable pinout, connectors are found which are used to secure these wires. The specific order of wire placement into the connectors is determined by the specific Profibus cable pinout. The wires that are found within a Profibus cable pinout are blue, blue and white striped, green, green and white striped, brown, brown and white striped, orange, and orange and white striped. It is important to understand that if these eight mentioned wires are not placed into the connectors in accordance with a proper Probibus cable pinout, connectivity may be lost. Cross over cables cannot be substituted for straight through cables. 

Profibus Cable Pinout – Different Technologies, Applications, and Connectors

Probibus cable pinout evolve on three things. These are technologies, applications, and connectors.
·        Technologies
There are various technologies available for Profibus cable pinout, including:
- Fiber channel.
This is more of the scalable and high speed Profibus cable pinout technologies used in order to transfer data.
- GPIB standard
This type of Profibus cable pinout technology is geared on connecting several forms of media or instruments to a computer in order to control or acquire data.
- Local Area Network (LAN) or Ethernet cable
- Parallel Cables
This is responsible in transmitting data in unidirectional bits. 
·        Applications
It is possible for Profibus cable pinout to be applied in different forms. Included are audio-visuals such as radio and television, imaging like cameras, as well as networking like those in computers. Other fields also making use of Profibus cable pinout include telecommunications, military, and medical industries. 
·        Connectors
Connectors for Profibus cable pinout may vary according to gender. The choices range between male to male, female to female, male to female. The most common examples of Profibus cable pinout connectors include BNC, DB, internal pin SCSI, DIN, RJ, and USB. 

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